We have two main speakers, Nigel and Roger, who will visit local groups to give PowerPoint-based talks, although Nigel is now in semi-retirement:-

Nigel is our expert on all matters related to Sir Robert Peel, his family and their home at Drayton Manor, including how they made and lost a fortune, Peel's political career, why there are 20+ statues of him around the country including Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square, and his untimely death.

We know that Peel established the Metropolitan Police in 1829. Roger's talk explains why that was necessary and how he went about it, following through with key developments up to the present day including establishment of the first policewomen, which can prove quite amusing.

Roger is also able to cover most of Nigel's talks, so if your group wants to know the history of the Peel family then that can be done (time permitting).

We also hold an extensive library of books relating Sir Robert Peel, his family, events and personalities of the time. Pop in and take a look.



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