Local Economy Topic Paper                           


SWOT Framework

Strengths - positive attributes internal to the situation that are within your control.


  • Pleasant surroundings
  • Close to M25
  • Businesses have high exposure and get well known locally
  • Local reputation brings in trade
  • Great variety of trades locally
  • Low travel costs for employees
  • Good general store in village centre
  • Local businesses contribute to vibrancy and vitality of the parish

* Weaknesses - factors within your control that may impede your ability to meet your objectives.


  • Poor public transport links
  • Inconsistent Broadband / mobile phone signal
  • Remote location - Tatsfield hard to find / poor signage
  • Visitors/ suppliers down unmade roads.
  • Little passing trade
  • Only one shop which is vulnerable
  • Difficulty in recruiting staff

Opportunities - external factors that the project should (or could) develop.


  • Some vacant retail/commercial premises available
  • Demonstrate initiatives to support local businesses
  • Focus on business activity that builds on strengths of the parish (i.e. agriculture / renewable technologies / tourism / self-employed/work from home)
  • Expansion of existing employment / commercial sites
  • Improve transport links
  • Improve broadband / mobile network
  • Improve links between businesses



Threats - external factors beyond your control that could place the project at risk.


  • Greenbelt restricts commercial building
  • Any increased business will generate traffic/ parking issues.
  • Inappropriate siting of new development
  • New development in countryside/greenfield sites (harm to the setting of the village)
  • Local businesses leaving the parish due to inadequate infrastructure/customers