Long reaching views from escarpment of North Downs of attractive undulating gentle hills on greensand ridge with Ashdown Forest beyond

Long distance footpaths, Tandridge Border Path, North Downs Way and Vanguard Way intersect in Parish, combined with minor footpaths and tracks

Mixed agricultural use includes dairy at Pilgrims Farm (outside parish)

Extensive tracts of woodland and dense field margins

Narrow lanes

Surrey Wildlife Reserve and rare breed sheep grazing on escarpment


No clear defined edge to parish in landscape terms

Clacket Lane services activity inconsistent with AONB objectives

Motorway related noise and visual intrusion by night and day

Industrial related noise and visual intrusion (Moorhouse tile/sand, Thames Water)

Development pressure (industrial and residential) in and just outside parish



Manage public access and views with better information and directions

Better define edge of AONB where it meets golf course and Tatsfield edge (define local landscape character and its contribution to setting of village)

Improve landscape screening of M25 and Clacket Lane as part of any development proposed



Unmanaged access to Clacket Lane Services and deterioration of Clacket Lane margins due to littering and tipping

Further development pressure with associated lighting

Unmanaged woodland/paintballing type activity

Changes in agricultural practice (eg, viniculture, closure of dairy/beef)




Strong rural feel due to countryside/green belt location

Vegetation softens residential development

Dominant trees in places completely conceal housing and roads

Dominant position of village church on hilltop

Village approach road with long views and rural farm buildings

Variation of built environment – lack of defined character is valued by residents


Urban edge

Poor land utilisation in some parts

Is there any development that is not welcomed by residents?

Unsightly extensions to existing housing / buildings


Strengthen and encourage boundary maintenance and footpath use/maintenance

Encourage footpath connections, especially Church Lane/Old Lane and Tandridge Border path. Better signage and mapping for footpath users (May be worth going into the infrastructure SWOT too).

Encourage regular maintenance of equine pasture which is unused for intended purpose

Define local landscape character and its contribution to setting of village (May be worth going into the natural environment SWOT too)

New development that complements existing built environment

Greater control over new development (for example materials, scale, design etc)



Further development of equine and recreational field use (‘horsiculture’).

Urbanisation of gateways, residential boundaries (‘defensive’ gates)

Residential and business development incursion eg golf club housing and hotel scheme in prominent position

Field boundary removal

Tree disease eg Ash dieback, Oak recessionary moth and Horse chestnut leaf miner

Removal of trees that contribute to rural character

Increasingly unsympathetic wind break structures on allotments

New development can cause further loss of gap between Village and surrounding settlements

New development that is inappropriate to the parish (i.e. scale/design etc).


                                           OUTER VILLAGE SWOT ANALYSIS


Within picturesque leafy and often wooded  rural environment

Spacious plots have allowed for generously designed homes.

Eclectic mix of character and design as a result of historical development.

Due to the seclusion of existing homes,

moderate numbers of additional homes would not greatly change the character if achieved while avoiding swathes of re-landscaping or tree clearance.

Most of area 3 is on paved roads as it has the main through routes within it


It's doubtful whether any new homes would be 'affordable' in this area



Innovative design could provide a number of small homes within existing plots or fields while retaining the rural nature


Dense developments (e.g. at the far end of Rickets Hill Rd and Lusted Hall Lane) would detract from the leafy rural character of this area



                                                VILLAGE STREETS SWOT ANALYSIS



Has a ‘village’ feel with mixed housing, ranging from terraces to one acre plots.

Most within walking distance of village facilities encouraging social interaction and use of local facilities.

Rural feel of unmade roads where green verges are protected.

Unmade roads tend to deter crime.


No genuinely ‘affordable’ homes for this, let alone the next, generation.

Unmade roads causing disagreements between old and new residents.

Sewage system under stress.

Growing ‘suburbanisation’ as incomers remove hedges, erect fences and provide hard standing for vehicles.




‘Defined Village’ status encourages re-development of under-used plots.

Imposition of more realistic parking standards.



‘Wrong kind’ of development likely as terraces replace bungalows suitable for old people.

Lack of parking spaces as development takes place.

Persistent calls by incomers for street lights and made-up roads.


                               VILLAGE CENTRE SWOT ANALYSIS



Traditional English feel with the Pub as the heart of the Village

Good Balance between green open space and buildings

Eclectic mix of old and new properties in particular the Old Ship public house, The Bakery Restaurant and Hotel and the Traditional Village Hall.

The Village Shop needs to be protected as an important part of the Community.

New developments have been sympathetically laid out so they do not affect the street scene.

Buildings appear to be well maintained and give a sense of caring about the village.

The well maintained green spaces add the look and feel of the village centre



Potential loss of commercial buildings leading to change of use and possible redevelopment.

Potential for small plots to be developed affecting the density and character of the village

Any design characteristics which are not encouraged/ reflect badly on the village?

Lack of parking on the road mainly due to residents not utilising their parking spaces off road or due to the number of cars per household.

Redevelopment of single buildings in to multiple units with limited parking.

No safe crossing points from the west of the village to the local School.

Restricted access for emergency services due to the parking on both sides of both Westmore Road and Paynesfield Road.






Protect buildings for specific uses to prevent redevelopment to other uses such as residential.

The provision of additional local services (for example reinstating a doctors surgery) to meet the needs of potential future village growth Increase child care for younger families to encourage younger families.

Change road layouts and signage to control traffic and parking.

Introduce additional lighting as the area can be very dark in the winter evenings.

Encourage wildlife into the Pond.



Potential loss of commercial buildings leading to change of use and possible redevelopment.

Removal of trees that contribute to rural character through natural cause or disease.

Over development of sites affecting the density and character of the village

Possible loss of green space to development taking away the village feel.

Lack of vehicle restrictions to green spaces could cause issues with traveller community as other areas restrict access they will be looking for new places to stay.

Limited parking for visitors to use local facilities.