STOP BREXIT: You can make a big difference

Start by signing up to People's Vote (, the vote on the terms of the eventual Brexit deal with an option to Remain.

Also join one of the many groups battling for Britain's place in Europe

  • Our Future, Our Choice ( is a youth movement opposing Brexit. The great majority of young people do not want to leave the EU.

 Other groups provide a forum for discussion on social media,

  • The 48%,

  • We Are #StopBrexit,

  • Reasons2Remain among others.

  • Remainer Now for those who voted Leave but regret it.                                                             

They are all on Facebook.


If you want to get out and get active, you might join a passionate local pro-EU/anti-Brexit campaign group.

Information can usually be found on Facebook. Many work tirelessly in their communities to try to persuade hearts and minds.

  • SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement) hosts a highly visible protest outside Parliament every day that MPs are sitting:

  • The No10Vigil - Vigil Against Brexit (find it on Facebook) holds a protest outside Downing Street twice a week and travels to different areas at weekends.

  • And if you're feeling subversive you can follow @EUFlagMaf1a in Twitter to see photos of EU flags hung in prominent places to demonstrate that the pro-EU voice is still alive.


Fact Checking

Go online to: Endthechaos, Reality Check and Factchecker.

 Why join any of these groups? One anti-Brexit activist said she had a love-hate relationship with Brexit. She hated it. But she loved the passion it had brought out in her and in others to fight for what she felt was the best for her country.

 The truth is that no one individual can change this country's course, but together we can and we will.


Source: Will Hutton and Andrew Adonis. 2018. Saving Britain: How we much change to prosper in Europe. p. 217.