Water Activities

Spartan Swimming Club meets every Thursday at the Malden Centre pool between 6.30 and 8.00.

Swimming at Spartan Swimming Club is moving through the water by whatever technique best suits the individual, using no artificial aids.  Experience and ability varies, with some swimmers being able to swim on their own or in groups, whilst others may need individual instruction.  This is always under the close supervision of the Chief Instructor and other instructors.

Activities are designed to improve technique and build confidence. New swimmers taught the important skills of balance and how to recover to a safe breathing position.  However, there is no pressure to achieve any specific goals: what each swimmer wants to achieve personally is respected. 

Helpers and family members are welcome to stay and may wish to assist in the water, at the discretion of the Chief Instructor.  Transport and changing room help are the responsibility of the individual member and if their family member/helper does not stay for the session, they must be easily reachable.

Spartan Member Sarah Galloway being presented with a medal at the 2007 gala

Spartan Swimming Club holds an annual gala for members and some members then go on to present Spartan in galas at local, area and national level.