About Us

The Spartan Swimming Club was founded in 1954 at Kingston Coronation Baths.  The inaugural meeting was addressed by James McMillan, the founder of similar clubs who were all using methods developed by him whilst working with disabled girls at the Halliwick School. The Halliwick Method has since proved itself widely resulting in a considerable growth in the number of clubs using it and affiliated to the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy.

Spartan Swimming Club organisers and instructors with the Mayor at the 2007 Festival of SportSpartan Swimming Club provides specialised instruction to people whatever their type or degree of disabiltiy, to allow them to have as near as normal swimming experience as possible.  This aims to be enjoyable to to give some freedom from the constrictions of a disability.  The swimmer's mobility and capability in the water may be improved, but just as importantly, the mental and physical stimulation involved in taking part will give great satisfaction and be a real morale booster.