Hire Conditions and Charges

  For availability and hire of the hall please call the booking clerk on 01245 400297.


Charges are ALL WEEK, ALL HOURS and ALL USERS unless otherwise stated.


All inclusive:  tables, chairs, kitchen use, electric heaters, stage, microphone and amplifier system

£20 per hour


Metered electric for heaters

£20 for 3 hours


All inclusive (children’s tables and chairs available)

£20 per hour


 Main Hall   Stage 

     Main Hall and Stage   

 Main Hall Size:         Length: 15.3 m (50.3 ft)   Width:   7.2 m (23.5 ft)    Height:  3 m (10 ft)

                                   NOTE:  Hall ceiling is high enough for small bouncy castles (about 2.4m or 8 feet)

                                   There is a wireless microphone system with 2 independent hand-held microphones, 

                                    or one hand-held and one clip-on or head clamp.

 Hall Stage:                Depth:  3.6 m  (12 ft)        Width:  7.2 m (23.5 ft)    Height:  Approx:  2.4 m (8 ft)


Committee Room (chairs included)

Committee Room:    Length:  6 m  (20 ft)          Width:   3.6 m  (12 ft)

 Committee Room   Committee Room



 Kitchen: Domestic Cooker, Commercial Cooker, Tea Urn, Kettles, Crockery to suit, Sinks, etc.


    Plates    Glasses

 Crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc. 

 Cutlery, Teapots, etc.    Chopping boards





There are 14 large tables, and 15 smaller tables available in the main hall and chairs to suit.   

Tables and more chairs are in the side room, behind the curtain. 

Please stack tables as indicated.

Children's tables and chairs are available.




Documents are downloadable pdf

 Terms and Conditions                                 Ts & Cs


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Regulations of Letting                                Regulations of Letting


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