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1. Eschscholzia californica is a tongue twister, what is the common name?


2. True or false: pelargoniums are also known as hardy geraniums?


3. Shoddy is a great soil improver, but from which industry is it a by-product?


4. Cartoon character Popeye is associated with a fragrant climbing plant and a Mediterranean fruit. Can you name them?


5. When was the first RHS Chelsea flower show held?


6. Bodnant Gardens in North Wales are well known for which kinds of plants?


7. What word links decomposed leaves and the course of an antibiotic?


8. True or false: corks are made from the bark of a variety of oak?


9. Where was the oak tree under which Princess Elizabeth was sitting, when she heard she had been proclaimed Queen Elizabeth?


10. Which name links a British truck maker and a conifer?


11. A loganberry is a product of a cross between which two fruit bushes?


12. What is the most comfortable kind of grass to sit on?


13. Bears’ breeches is a common name for which plant?


14. The lotus flower is considered sacred in many parts of the East but what is a lotus flower?


15. Are there 3, 30 or 300 different types of slugs in our garden?


16. Is it true that spinach really makes you strong like Popeye?


17. The plant, Vinca major, shares it common name with a marine snail. What are they called?


18. They may be called stinking, Christmas or Easter, what are they?


19. Cranesbill is the common name for which popular herbaceous plant?


20. Lily beetles are destructive pests to lilies but what colour are they?


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