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1. The Northern trial gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society are called Harlow Carr, where are they?


2. Where would you see Rachel de Thame and Bobby Charlton together?


3. The hard, white wood of Euonymus europaeus was once used to make an essential item of the wool industry, from which tree it received it common name. What is it?


4. Agropyron repens is the botanical name for which common weed?


5. “Oh, Adam was a gardener and God who made him sees, that half a proper gardener’s work is done upon his knees”: who wrote this poem?


6. African violets are botanically known as what?


7. What is unusual about the way you water an urn plant?


8. What is the cast iron plant usually called?


9. “Mrs Sinkins”, “Dad’s Favourite” and “Alice” are all types of which flower?


10. True or false: Lacewings are good in the garden because they eat greenfly?


11. Where would you find the RHS gardens of Rosemoor?


12. Stratification is a word to describe something you do to encourage germination, but what is it?


13. You have to force it, eat the blanched chicons, but what are you growing?


14. How deep should bulbs be planted: once, twice or three times their height?


15. Which of the following men designed the great Palm House at Kew: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Decimus Burton or Joseph Paxton?


16. What part of a mother-in-law is used in the naming of a popular houseplant?


17. Marsh marigolds produce flowers in summer and need dry conditions for survival: true or false?


18. Which four herbs, from the traditional song Scarborough Fair, form the title of a 1968 album by Simon and Garfunkel?


19. Schizanthus is also known as a poor man’s what?


20. Cambridge favourite is a popular variety of what?


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