Constitution of Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers


The Name

The name of the group is Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers



Oxhey Woods is the largest Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in the Three Rivers District. The character of Oxhey Woods is varied, created by centuries of management of the woodland for a variety of uses.The woods are 97.7 hectares (240 acres) of principally ancient semi-natural woodland, areas of which date back towards the last ice age some 10,000 years ago.




Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers were formed in February 2012 with the aim of helping Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) to restore and improve the area known as Oxhey Woods and to conserve it for future generations.


To create and maintain freely accessible amenity areas within Oxhey Woods.


To promote and encourage public awareness of Oxhey Woods though publicity, consultation, groups of volunteers and liaison with interested organisations.


To act as an umbrella organisation, drawing on the expertise of members to facilitate restoration of the woods.


To locate, record and preserve historical features of the woods for future generations.


To assist, advise and support TRDC in drawing up the Management Plan for the Woods.


To apply for grants from relevant organisations to help fund the above objectives.




Membership shall be open to anyone interested in taking an active part in the work and aims of the group. (1)

The affairs of the group will be controlled by a Committee elected on an annual basis from and by the members of the group.

The group will meet at least twice a year to discuss its activities, and all members will be entitled to attend.

The group will work in partnership with appropriate officers of TRDC.

The group will operate an equal opportunities policy.

To date the principle members of the group have over 59 Years of experience in  conservation work.




Any funds shall be held by an elected Treasurer, submitted for independent inspection and approved at the AGM.

All funds shall be paid into an account in the name of Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers.

Any cheques drawn on the account, or financial obligations entered into, will need the signature of the Chairperson and Treasurer.

The Treasurer will keep a record of all transactions and will present an Annual Report.

If the group ceases to exist, any monies in the account shall go to a local conservation group.




The group shall have Personal Accident Insurance for its volunteers and Public Liability Insurance.

All members of the group shall, through their actions, ensure the health and safety of others.


Leadership of Tasks


All practical tasks can only take part with an appointed leader and first aider present (the group will try to have two at all practical sessions).


Alterations to the Constitution



Alterations to the Constitution shall only be made with the consent of a majority of the members of the group.


(1) Practical task may be restricted by age due to insurance restraints.