The Old Roan Association membership brings together former pupils and staff of the John Roan School and its predecessors, the Roan Schools for Boys and Girls, in Greenwich. The ORA acts as a social hub for its members, circulates news of Old Roans, organises regular reunions and has the use of a club house and sports facilities at the school’s playing fields in Kidbrooke.

Former pupils and staff continue to have a real interest in the school, providing work experience, advice and sometimes employment for our young people.

Five or six football and cricket teams are run, which offer opportunities for school pupils to play at club level. Pupils generally begin playing for Old Roan teams from Year 10 onwards. Full membership from the age of 16 is encouraged. The club is open on several evenings a week and at weekends.

The Old Roan Association, trustees and school representatives meet regularly to plan the maintenance and development of the playing fields at Kibrooke Park Road. Parents are also welcome at certain Old Roan functions and the Association frequently holds reunions, discos/barbecues and other events at the club house.