Council Meeting Dates

Full Council meetings and Little Yeldham Annual Parish meetings take place at the Village Hall in School Road, Little Yeldham.

The Ovington Annual Parish meeting is held at Upper Farm, Ovington and the Tilbury Juxta Clare Annual Parish meeting is held at Tilbury Church, Tilbury Juxta Clare.

Full Council meetings normally start at 8pm and Annual Parish meetings at 7.30pm.


Dates of the 2020 meetings are below:                                      

28th January 2020

Parish Council Meeting

3rd March 2020

Ovington Annual Parish Meeting

10th March 2020

Little Yeldham Annual Parish Meeting followed by Parish Council Meeting

28th April 2020

Tilbury Juxta Clare Annual Parish Meeting - **Cancelled due to Coronavirus**

12th May 2020

Annual Parish Council Meeting - **Cancelled due to Coronavirus**

21st July 2020

Parish Council Meeting - **Cancelled due to Coronavirus**

8th September 2020

Parish Council Meeting **Cancelled due to Coronavirus**

10th November 2020

Parish Council Meeting


Members of the public and press are welcome to attend.