The Parish Council of Little Yeldham was formed on 27th July 1955 and dissolved on 7th June 1973 when the present Parish Council of Little Yeldham, Tilbury Juxta Clare and Ovington was formed, pursuant to a Grouping Order, to include the villages of Tilbury Juxta Clare and Ovington, which hitherto had Parish Meetings.  Each of the three villages still retain their own separate Parish Meetings however and these meet annually sometime between 1st March and 31st May each year.

The Parish Council of Little Yeldham, Tilbury Juxta-Clare and Ovington comprises eleven councillors made up by six representing Little Yeldham, three representing Tilbury Juxta-Clare and two representing Ovington. The number of councillors representing each village are in proportion to the population of each village. 

Six Parish Council meetings, including the Annual Parish Council meeting, are held each year and additionally, Annual Parish Meetings meetings are held for each of the three villages.  

One councillor is appointed as a representative to Little Yeldham Village Hall Management Committee, one to Belchamp St. Paul Community House Management Committee and the Chairman and Vice Chairman represent the Parish Council at EALC and BALC meetings.

The Parish Council owns the freehold of and maintains the following land:

  • The Playing Field at School road, Little Yeldham. Title transfer 16th September 1975. 2.16 acres. Cost: £1000.00 (One thousand pounds).
  • The Village Green at Church Green, Little Yeldham. Title transfer 31st December 1967, under one quarter of an acre, cost £1.00 (One pound).
  • The Village Green at North End, Little Yeldham. Title transfer 18th June 1974 under one quarter of an acre, no cost – deed of gift.
  • The Village Green at Tilbury Hill, Tilbury Juxta Clare. Title transfer 21st October 1991. Under one quarter of an acre, no cost  - acquired ownerless land.
  • Land to side of bus shelter in North End, Little Yeldham.  Un-registered land currently being claimed by Council. Details awaited.
  • Telephone box in North End. Title transfer 27th July 2017.
  • Telephone box at Upper Farm, Ovington. Title transfer 27th July 2017.
  • Telephone box at Village Green, Tilbury Juxa Clare. Title transfer 27th July 2017.

It also maintains various hedges around the Little Yeldham church area, bus shelters, and also those at North End, Little Yeldham.


Residents are politely reminded that no vehicle may be parked on Council owned land or verges; no shrub etc planted without permission nor should there be encroachment of any kind taking place. Enforcement action may be taken where necessary.