Raymond Tallis explains Why Neuroscience Will Never Explain Consciousness

Wednesday 20 April 2011
19:00 to 21:00

Keep the evening free to hear this distinguished author, poet, doctor, philosopher, and polymath critique the belief that "you are your brain". According to Raymond Tallis, the failure to arrive a neural account of consciousness is not a temporary problem which will be resolved by further research - this "hard problem" of philosophy may not be resolvable. What we need is a fundamental re-think to help us understand the difference between brains and people. Abstract of Raymond Tallis's talk here.

NB - unusually for Philosophy Cafe we will be seeking donations from participants to cover costs, as getting this very distinguished speaker to Kingston and looking after him will incur some expenses (travel from Manchester, dinner...).

Ram Jam Club, Grey Horse, Richmond Road
Kingston upon Thames
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Cost Donations towards cost of the meeting welcome