There are some key passionate aims for this community invested company:

The first priority is to work with a wide consortium of community and corporate entities to fulfil their workforce aims, ensuring this cohesive collaboration values diverse talent acquisitions and tangible outcome focused social value and inspired with achieving equality and accessible for all socio-economic community groups by providing the stepping stones which eradicate experienced barriers for communities.

The second priority is to make a wider difference for our communities, using high profile communication and networking strategies, community knowledge and experience, professional accruement and  ethnographic evidence and relevance to build the foundations and capacity build what should be targeted to achieve social value aims, working with a wide consortium of community and corporate entities to fulfil their workforce aims, t

The third priority is attracting and mentoring individuals experiencing barriers whilst bridging accessibility to opportunities, making implicit career aspirations achievable, through meaningful and individualised career development plans.  


KG Ambitions aims to reinforce social equity at a ground level, enterprising a focus on employment industry needs, working with community conscious organisations which are inspired by empowering and enabling communities holistically.

KG Ambitions USP is to create a co-invested project management service, encompassed by strategic networks with community organisations, employers and community members to upscale community mobility through employment, training and skills opportunities.

The offer:

  • Mentoring for all career inspired individuals 
  • Fostering a professional and tailored delivery plan approach for employers, community networks to signpost and connect opportunities to individuals with the skill, and potential
  • Working on behalf of employers and community members
  • Tangible support and access to new skills and career achievements


Core Values

People, Purpose & Equity 


Contact Information

Kim Glasgow


E16 0XX