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Names: Vidar, the Silent God, God of Vengeance

Appearance: Generally depicted as a tall, robust, handsome man clad in armour, girded with a broad bladed sword and shod with the great iron and leather shoe. As Vidar was the personification of the vast primeval forests and the imperishable forces of nature he is also shown as being clad in deep green cloth and leather

Key skills: Vidar, born from the union of Odin and the beautiful giantess Grid. Vidar is destined to play a role of vengeance in the final battle of Ragnarok. One key item he needs is his giant shoe with which he pins Fenris wolfs lower jaw to the ground before cracking the wolfs jaw in two with his immense strength. This shoe is made up from all the off cuts and thrown away scraps by cobblers over the ages. Because it needs to be strong enough to withstand the bite of Fenris it is your solemn duty as a cobbler to make sure you give away plenty of scraps of leather. When the gods in Asgard first saw Vidar they were pleased as they could see his enormous strength would help them in the their hour of need. It was at the fountain of Urdar we first learn of his role in Ragnarok when Odin asks the Norns to tell him Vidar’s destiny Although cryptic in their response we learn he will avenge his father. In some tales he survives the final battle, and in this telling Grid and Odin are both overjoyed that he will rule over a new earth. Vidar himself sits, silent, in his palace of Landvidi (wide land) and contemplates eternity, what he learns no-one knows as he never breaks his silence.

Where is Vidar seen today? Who has ever wandered through the forests of our homelands, the boundless expanse, sacred gloom and hidden places?

Well, this is where you will find Vidar. Honouring the sublime greatness of nature above all human agency.

A little-known fact: Some say that Vidar has only one shoe because he has only one leg and that he is actually represents the water spout, a water spout that will douse the fires of Surt at Ragnarok.

Do say; That is a mighty fine shoe!

Don’t say; Shhh!

By Simon Aalders