A voluntary faith group for polytheists, pantheists, and pagans living in or near Ipswich, Suffolk. We organise various social and charitable events for our members.

This is the website of the Ipswich Pagan Council, an organisation for polytheists and pantheists based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. The IPC was first formed in 1994, and we are proud to be the oldest established group in the area. We also have a reputation for good talks, courses and workshops.  A video summary of what the IPC is can be found here - https://youtu.be/T9GszQJba-U

Our elected committee help run a wide variety of activities for our members, including monthly moots, day trips to sacred sites, short courses, civic functions, parties etc.

Our moots, and most other activities, are open to non-members. Details of these events can be found by clicking on MOOTS on the bar. 

The Ipswich Sigil is taken from a medieval wooden beam now set into the wall at the back of the Ipswich Tourist Info Centre. It is probably a mason's mark, though its exact meaning and provenance is unknown. However, it makes a suitably mysterious symbol unrelated to any one Pagan tradition ~ so we nicked it and claimed it for our own!

Contact us: 01473 402811 or robinherne@hotmail.com. If you wish to send things to us by post, please contact the phone/email above to find out the postal address.

Contact Information

Robin Herne



52 Waterloo Road