Team Hope Posties celebrating in the sunshine

Team Hope Posties celebrating in the sunshine

Team Hope Posties celebrating in the sunshine 

Leanne Cooper

Better Days

Do you dream of better days
Away from the crazy times 
Of dodging Covid-19
Keeping obsessively clean 
Social distancing from the threat
And people you’re missing 
Family members not seen
How long has it been
How long will it be
Until we are able to see
Loved ones again
Until we can stop worrying
Excessively about our health
Regain some sense of self
Lost in the madness 
Of uncertainty
How many weeks
How many tears falling down cheeks
The death toll keeps rising
Is it really surprising 
When fools keep believing
That facts are deceiving us
And this is not as severe as it is
Please get a clue
It’s not "just a flu"
People like me are suffering 
because of people like you
Yes, the danger is true
and I am terrified
Hiding away
To keep this threat at bay
Because if I get corona
Thats it, I’m done, I‘m gone
I’m too young to die
To leave my girls wondering why
Why our world was turned upside down 
When I tried so hard not to drown
To keep us all safe 
Lives taken by selfish dicks
Those reckless enough to flaunt it
Hand washing never their norm
Around town they swarm
Thinking to them rules don’t apply 
That they won’t get ill and die
They’re invincible 
But they pass it on to the weak
The virus not even at its peak
How much more can the NHS take
Before it crumbles and breaks
How much longer should we imprison 
Ourselves in our homes
Before we are safe again.

Do you dream of better days 
Away from these crazy times
Of dodging Covid-19
Do you picture, like me
A new way to be
Imagining what can be done 
When isolation is over
And we all know better
Not to take for granted again
How good life can be
If we all pull together and try
I cant wait to be free
I’ve people and places to see
Loved ones to embrace
Birthdays to celebrate 
And a wedding to plan.
A new path to walk
Words of encouragement to talk
I cant wait to make memories 
To take my family and explore
To build a life better than before.

Bread Pudding

We baked bread pudding
My daughters and I
Stood side by side in the kitchen
Following a recipe passed on by my Nan
Taught to me by her and my Mom
My youngest stood on a chair 
As I would have over 20 years ago.
We felt the gloop of soggy bread 
between our fingers
And sugar gritty against our palms
As we squeezed ingredients 
The way that I was shown as a child.
The smell from the oven
Transporting me back through the years 
To walking through my grandparents front door
Dressed in school uniform 
The instantly recognisable smell
Wafting through the hall to greet us
And my delight at finding out 
that nan had made a bread pudding.
One of my favourite foods will always be
My Nan’s homemade bread pudding
My favourite memories 
Are baking with her in the kitchen
My Grandad sat in his chair in the next room
Reading his paper and watching the "osses"
Nan hasn’t baked for years now 
Her days of cooking long behind her
And no Grandad there sat in his chair
But I pass on the simple recipe
Teach my children a family tradition
A connection we can keep alive 
So that perhaps one day
They too will have fond memories 
Of baking in the kitchen 
And the smell of Mom’s bread pudding.
Scruffy Mutt

Scruffy mongrel lying on the stairs
Body tucked across the 3rd step down 
Chin perched on the one above 
He patiently stays 
Loyalty driven in his need to await
my return from the bathroom 
A matted cloud of dark fur
Hides in the shadows
Ears pricking at the sound
Of door handle turning
And tail swishing into
Excitable wag
As I swing open the door.
"Down" I say, but he stalls
Until the stair gate creeks open
and he is certain I am following.
Each step taken in quick succession
He bounds erratically 
Almost literally head over heels 
In his rush to get to the bottom 
I slowly place bare feet to cold carpet
And carefully click closed the gate
The 3rd step down is warm underfoot
Evidence of the love shown
By a little, scruffy mutt





The word slides effortlessly off my tongue 
And feels pleasurable on my lips
Causing them to lift into a smile 
That fills my eyes 
And warms my heart 
The sound of each syllable 
Like music notes to my ears
That can only be out done 
By the word husband. 
The ring that sits snug on my finger 
Feels like a warm embrace 
The perfect reminder of your love
Bringing joy whenever I catch a glance 
causing my heart to race with excitement 
I can’t wait for the day when it’s not alone 
Accompanied by one more thing: 
My wedding ring.

Selly Oak NNS
Heart of England Foundation Trust
Brum Recovery Fund