Team Hope Posties celebrating in the sunshine

Team Hope Posties celebrating in the sunshine

Team Hope Posties celebrating in the sunshine 

About Us

We are not pirates 

Hope Radio is an Emergency Covid 19  public service broadcaster  that provides FM radio programs for the over 50s who do not have or do not desire to have access to the Internet,to share experiences, to send messages to friends and family , to show their support for essential workers, to feel that they are not alone. 

Licensed by OFCOM since the 8th May 2020 Hope Radio has provided a 24hr service to the community of south Birmingham. 

Hope Radio is fully PPL and PRS licenced to play music and content.

Why are we doing this ?

Having access to the Internet at the moment is great, but what if you don’t?

What if you’re 70yrs old and the only person you see is the postman No social media to keep you company no Zoom for you no mobile phone just the free view telly and the radio.
Lunch club has been cancelled and you can’t visit your mates as their care home is in lock down.
Here in South Birmingham, City of a thousand ideas we have a cunning plan, we are taking it old school baby.

FM community radio to the rescue

With just an FM radio our audience has the technology to get the latest advice, to get involved in local projects, to know how and where and when to get help, to request songs for their mates and family, to say happy birthday, to say thank you or hello or goodbye, to feel involved, to be part of life, to feel hope.


Who are we 

Hope Radio is managed by Peni Whelan and a band of merry creatives and pre-covid closet creatives from all over the midlandverse.these include musicians teachers poets solicitors car mechanics graphic artists photographers 3d designers website creators Moms Dads Grandparents police officers accountants recent university graduates pr specialists librarians networkers printers drivers lecturers proffessors and a sprinkling of ex and retired media pros ie if you can talk and want to help bring Hope to the community then we need you on board , again we are not pirates, its just a term. 

However if you are a pirate radio presenter please do not apply,

Selly Oak NNS
Heart of England Foundation Trust
Brum Recovery Fund