Terms of Reference

1. Purpose and background

The purpose of the Herts Interfaith network is to bring together representatives from different religions in Hertfordshire in order:

  • To raise awareness of different religions and beliefs between the faith communities and service providers
  • To share knowledge and expertise to promote greater community cohesion
  • To contribute to the consultation and engagement process in order to improve the council services including education of children in schools, social care for elderly and young people, social justice and the environment.
  • To service as a forum to share best practice – what works well and taking a joint approach to problem solving
  • To share intelligence and knowledge relating to policy changes and service delivery

There will be an annual meeting/event/conference of the group where all members will be invited to participate. The steering group will decide upon the programme.

2. Membership

Membership of the Executive Committee will consist of the representatives of the current Herts Interfaith members and the Equality and Diversity officers of Hertfordshire County Council.

Members will be asked to complete a contact sheet and outline of their role to provide information and support to colleagues outside of meetings.