Useful links and resources

Here are some links and resources that you might find of use:

 The Inter Faith Network for the UK

The Inter Faith Network for the UK aims to promote good relations between people of different faiths in this country.  Its member organisations include representative bodies from the Baha'i; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jain; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh; and Zoroastrian communities; national and local inter faith bodies; and academic institutions and educational bodies concerned with inter faith issues.

The East of England Faiths Council

The East of England Faiths Council was formed to promote the contribution of faiths to the life and well being of the region. The East of England Faiths Council closed its operation on 31 March 2013, However the website contains a wealth of useful information, research and publications. Further information about the EEFC publications please visit FaithNetEast website. 

To view Training for Councillors and Faith - useful websites document; please click here.

Hertfordshire County Council

Here you will find wealth of information and resources and links to other websites for information and guidance on religious make up of the county as well as places of worship. Visit the Equality and Diversity pages to find out more about the Diversity Profiles of Hertfordshire. 

Hertfordshie Directory - for details of various community and voluntary organisations in Herts – such as Watford Women’s Centre – and an overview of the services they provide

Hertfordshire Compact this is a written agreement setting out how statutory agencies and community and voluntary sector organisations in Herts will cooperate and develop positive working relationships.

Diversity Calendar

Please visit the Diversity Calendar for informaiton about significant dates relating to faith, culture and events of interest. You are invited to send your contributions by emailing

Reports and Publications:

Evangelical Alliance

In February 2012 Christiansin Parliament produced the Clearing rhe Ground report about the freedom of Christians in the UK.  One of the findings of the report was that there is widespread religious illiteracyin many public institutions."  Click here to read more.

Religious Beliefs and Rituals Surrounding Death

Comprehensive guidance on religious beliefs and rituals surrounding death, produced by the Hertfordshrie Coroners Service can be found by clicking here.