The Nature's Gym taskforce of volunteers will be coming to Hatherop Park on Saturday 1st November 2014 between 10:00 and 12:00 and local residents and park users are urged to help out for all or part of the time.


The pond is well overdue a good clean out to refresh the oily water, remove litter and overhanging vegetation and restore the habitat for local wildlife.


Do please come - children are very welcome to come and help improve their local environment as well as learn about nature preservation from the experts.   


No experience and no tools are required - just a willingness to get your hands dirty!


Meet by the main gates at 10:00 or head straight for the pond.  We hope to see you there!


(Nature Conservation Officer): 07825 860 459


More details about Nature's Gym volunteer work throughout the borough can be read here.    


The nature conservation part of Hatherop is an open area with a diverse and colourful range of flowers. This site consists of a large area of young 'wasteland' (far from waste in wildlife terms) on the former Council burning ground. There is also a pond and an area of regenerating elm scrub and nettle beds.



Among the many colourful, common wild flowers are several species which are scarce in London including balm (Melissa officinalis), hare's-foot clover (Trifolium arvense), Greek dock (Rumex cristatus) and spotted medick (Medicago arabica).

Greek dock  Hare's Foot Clover  lemon balm  Spotted Medick
Greek dock Hare's Foot Clover   lemon balm  Spotted Medick