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A charity that supports adults with learning disabilities in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and former residents of Normansfield (Registered Charity No. 210144).

The Normansfield and Richmond Foundation (NRF), previously the Friends of Normansfield, was established as a charity when Normansfield was a local hospital for people with learning disabilities. It aimed to provide a wide range of additional support to residents. In 1997, in line with the Government's Care in the Community policy, Normansfield closed and the residents were resettled in small, local, family style homes. Following the Normansfield reprovision and also the establishment of a separate Trust for the presevation and development of the Theatre (which was part of the original Normanfield building), the functions of NRF have undergone some changes; these are now:

  • to continue and manage the investment of an established Trust Fund (in the region of £1million)
  • to allocate grant aid from its annual income for the benefit of adults and young people in transition with learning disabilities and their carers, local voluntary organisations supporting people with learning disabilities and local learning disabilies services.  For individuals, this could include grants for special equipment, e.g. to help furnish accommodation for independent living; holidays, leisure experiences; "extras" not provided by statutary services to meet particular needs. For voluntary and other local learning disability services a grant would preferably be for a particular project or development where statutory funds could not be made available. Grants are generally given on a "one off" basis rather than as continuing funding.


The Richard Jeffries Butterfly Award for Achievement

An achievement award in honour of Richard Jeffries, chair of the Gateway Club, trustee and former chair of Richmond Mencap, and trustee and former chair of the Normansfield and Richmond Foundation. 

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Normansfield and Richmond Foundation Grants

Applying for a Grant 

We receive grant applications either through the post or via email and will endeavour to respond to each application as it is received.

To make a request for a grant you will need to complete one of the application forms shown below.

If you are applying on behalf of an individual, please complete NRF Grant Form for Individual.

If you are  applying on behalf of an organisation or group, please complete NRF Grant Form for Organisations. 

Please read the Guidelines for Grant Application before you complete the form.

Any information an applicant gives NRF will be held securely and in accordance with the rules on data protection. NRF will treat personal details as private and confidentail and safeguard them.

Download guidelines and forms here:

Guidelines for grant application January 2022

NRF Application Form for Individual 2023 

NRF Grant Form for Organisations


Contact point for all grant enquiries and applications:

Lydia Hansbury

Email: Lydiarhian@hotmail.com

Telephone: 0208 940 5553


The N&RF Committee

The N&RF Committee comprises seven Trustees including the Chair, Lydia Hansbury and the Treasurer and Denise Carr.


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Richmond Mencap

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