The proposal for the new Northcote Nature Reserve has undergone a number of refinements and design developments since it was first presented to residents, partly in response to their comments. By clicking on this link and choosing Northcote Recreation Ground you can compare the proposal with the layout of the existing site. Or upload the existing layout and proposal

The project is led by the London Borough of Hounslow, and local residents on the Hounslow and Richmond sides of the river as well as a number of partner organisations including the Environment Agency, London Wildlife Trust, Crane Valley Partnership, FORCE (Friends of the River Crane Environment) and the Tidal Crane Association. It is also hoped that local primary schools and All Souls Church, which cater for residents in both boroughs, will continue to be closely involved in what we hope will be a truly inclusive community project. 

A number of residents have asked if the area will still be open to dog walkers and the answers is a definite yes – the aim is to retain all the existing users of the park but also encourage others of all ages to enjoy the space.

For any comments or queries please email Open Spaces Project Manager Lee Williams at   


This is the official illustrated signage artwork and notice information that is now installed at the entrance to the site as of February 2020. This includes a working timeline of ongoing works and access strategy on the site over the coming months and beyond.common