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Euphonix is a community choir in Kingston, open to any adult of any age who would like to sing contemporary and popular songs, folk and world music. You don't need to read music or audition or pay lots of money in advance to join us. We are a not-for-profit community group, managed by volunteers and led by professional musicians Dominic Stichbury(2009 - 2013), Ben Crawley (2014 - July 2018) & currently Tom Chapman. Euphonix was established to offer an inclusive, affordable experience of the benefits of singing regularly with others: companionship, developing musicality and pure enjoyment... More information about our programme and our aims and philosophy can be found on the pages listed in the menu to the left. The FAQs section may answer any queries you have. If you'd like us to sing at an event, please contact us via the form below. 

We always have a waiting list and prefer to welcome new members at the start of a Euphonix term (September, January and April/May). Please contact us using the membership enquiry form below to add your name to the waiting list.  If you would like to be kept informed of our August workshops which are open to all, please complete the membership enquiry form below and we will email you about these in advance. 

We try to meet most weeks of the year, and normally run two rehearsal groups upstairs in the lovely Rose Theatre on Wednesday mornings, at 10.15 and  12.00. Both groups practise the same repertoire and perform together. We enjoy our long-term relationship with the Rose, where we began in 2009, as well as meeting up in their cafe, where we also give our end-of-term concerts; when we need to rehearse all together we usually go to the excellent, eco-friendly Kingston Quaker Centre, and when we need a really big space we use Kingston Working Mens Club.

Euphonix comes from the same roots as
- Euphonia (pronunciation: yOO-fō'nē-u, -fōn'yu): any of several small birds of the genus Euphonia, which have a melodious song.
- Euphony: the quality of having a pleasing sound.
- Euphonic; Euphonious: pleasant-sounding.

We are very grateful for a small award from the Royal Borough of Kingston in April 2009 to help us start up and establish the choir securely and recruit members from hard-to-reach groups, and to the Rose Theatre which has offered us rehearsal space from our earliest days, as well as a convivial place to meet up before and after rehearsals. 


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