Tuesday 28th Mass Reflection

Gospel Matthew 8:23-27

This week in Matthews Gospel we hear about the story about Jesus rebuking the winds and the seas. 

Matthew is trying to remind to remind  about the commanding stature Jesus, the storm is extremely violent and is on the verge of sinking the boat, the disciples turn to Jesus in despair.

Jesus firstly rebukes the diciples for their lack of faith and then stands up and commands the sea and wind to become calm. 

How easy it is to have faith when everything in our life is rosy, the real test of faith comes when things in our lives is not so perfect, ill-health. relationship problems. issues at work etc. 

It is at times like this when we need to make sure our faith is strong and we can do this by praying in the right way. 

Too often our pray life can become an endless stream of words, how often do we use our pray time to listen in complete silence?

Pray is a relationship with  Christ and like all good relationships, you need to know when to talk and to listen!

So next time you are in pray, spend as much time listening and you do talking. 

You might be amazed at what you hear!