CDAS past and current member biographies:


C M Sykes: A life member until his death in 1978, perhaps best known for his published work on the Mesolithic sites at Tog Hill and Birdcome Farm, Wraxall .He ‘rediscovered’ Roman Gatcombe, known about since the 19th century, working there for a number of years from 1954 with other members of the Society.


Keith Gardner: It was Keith who identified important Post-Roman pottery at Cadbury-Congresbury hillfort which had previously been  thought to have purely Iron Age activity and went on with members of the Society to undertake excavations with Peter Fowler and Philip Rahtz.


Jim Pullen: A long serving Chairman from 1962 onwards, Jim undertook meticulous parish Surveys of Nailsea, Chelvey, Backwell and Flax Bourton.


Jean Dagnall: Our President until her death in September 2017, Jean was the Society’s secretary until 2009. Her 1980’s parish survey of Clevedon. Jean was awarded an MBE in 2010 for her contribution to local  archaeology.


Frank Willy: Our President until his death in 2022.