The Clevedon Archaeological Team (CLEAT) is currently inactive but has over many years embodied the practical, community archaeology arm of the Clevedon & District Archaeological Society (CDAS).

It has investigated aspects of archaeological interest in the Clevedon area identified by HER research, aerial photographs and historical records but most importantly from referrals by Society members and the general public who observe landscape features or make finds, frequently when digging in their garden.

It's investigations involved both archive research and physical sitework including geophysical survey (resistivity and magnetometry), earthwork and landscape survey, fieldwalking and some minor digs.


All Society members have been welcomed to CLEAT (membership being required for insurance purposes).

Absolutely no previous experience has been needed - only enthusiasm.


CLEAT digs in Lympsham - Trench 4, 1st September 2014

Members of CLEAT are helping Lympsham Archaeology Research Group (LARGS) excavate an area of Home Ground Lympsham. Bob Smisson has obtained LIDAR images of the site, showing structures visible. These could be a tithe barn, a manor house or a monastic grange with perhaps a quay or landing stage on an adjacent former water course.


The CLEAT members are digging trench 4, and have identified what may b a wall base and entrance to the building. Digging will recommence in the spring when hopefully our theories can be proved or disproved. Geophysical work is in progress through the winter.