Bulletin Board

  • Water Supply Update 25th March 2020 - The water on site has been switched back on
  • COVID-19 - Update Tuesday 24th March 2020 

    Michael Gove MP, UK Minister for the Cabinet Office, stated this morning on television that going to and tending your allotment was considered exercise and therefore allowable under the current more stringent rules for slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

    Please wear gloves and continue to keep at least 2 metres away from other people – more is better!

    Remember the virus can be spread by contact from surfaces so if you touch something like a gate, padlock or tool touched by someone else, wash your hands with soap and water (even if cold) or use a proper hand sanitiser. We have been in contact with the council about turning our water supply back on and will be in touch again when we have an update.

    The situation is obviously subject to change, so if we have any updates we’ll be sure to pass them on.

  • NON-COMPOSTABLE GREEN WASTE: We kindly request that you dispose of your non-compostable materials yourself. Please also ensure that you don’t put non-compostable material such as couch grass, bindweed and diseased greenery in the communal compost bins as it makes the compost unusable. We know that most plot holders have their own compost bins but for those who do not have one it is likely that the council will make having a compost bin on your plot a part of the terms and conditions for allotments in the future.
  • CPZ PERMIT UPDATE - Our existing permits ran out at the end of November and we've now paid to renew them - we've changed the code on the permit box and provided the new permits. If you wish to continue using the permits, please contribute £3 to cover their use for a year - you can give your money to a member of the committee or leave it in the community hut in an envelope with your name on it and let us know it's there. You'll then be provided with the new code for the box.
  • FREE WOODCHIP - Available on the hardstanding at the Meadway Orchard - free to help yourself.

Our allotments in Twickenham are close to the River Crane and Kneller Gardens.

The Briar Road Allotments Holders Association committee meets once a month and organises events that raise money for the maintenance of our communal hut and projects that benefit the plot holders.