Bulletin Board

  • MEADWAY GATE ACCESS - We're now also able to access our site through the Twickenham Gardening Association entrance in Meadway.The padlock has been changed by the council so that the allotment key that you have will fit either entrance.

    We have waited a long time to get this concession and it will only work if plot holders are vigilant about locking the Meadway gate on entry and when they leave. The council have asked us to remind everyone that it's a condition of our tenancy agreements to keep the gates locked - if you leave them unlocked you'll be in breach of that agreement and steps could be taken to terminate your tenancy. 

    This also applies to the gate on Andover Road, as despite many appeals there are still some people who leave the gate unlocked.

  • FREE COMPOST - There are many bags of free good quality compost available by the compost bins - please help yourself (but please return the bags if you can)

  • NON-COMPOSTABLE GREEN WASTE: Unfortunately, since the council ban on all allotment bonfires, we have been unable to reach an agreement with the council on a long term solution for the disposal of non-compostable green waste. As the pile had become a hazard it has been removed, but until we have a long term solution we kindly request that you dispose of your non-compostable materials yourself and not add anything to what was the drying or bonfire area. Please also ensure that you don’t put non-compostable material such as couch grass, bindweed and diseased greenery in the communal compost bins as it makes the compost unusable. We know that most plot holders have their own compost bins but for those who do not have one it is likely that the council will make having a compost bin on your plot a part of the terms and conditions for allotments in the future.
  • FREE WOODCHIP - Available on the hardstanding at the Meadway Orchard - please leave some behind for the orchard, but feel free to help yourself.
  • CPZ UPDATE - Hopefully everyone has received information about our CPZ permit trial - please see our newsletters for details. 
  • FREE Well rotted manure available from stables in Feltham - Deerhurst Close, Feltham (near the General Roy pub TW13 7AB) Bags available at the field gates. Contact the committe for contact details if you need lots of bags!

Our allotments in Twickenham are close to the River Crane and Kneller Gardens.

The Briar Road Allotments Holders Association committee meets once a month and organises events that raise money for the maintenance of our communal hut and projects that benefit the plot holders.