HS2 – Construction Route

Last year Bradenham Parish Council petitioned Parliament against the use of the A4010, Wycombe Road as a construction route for the building of HS2. It was BPC’s contention that the road was unsuitable for this type of traffic because it was too narrow, too bendy and carried many ambulances between Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe General hospitals. There would be considerable inconvenience for the residents of Bradenham Parish and the surrounds as well as risk of delay to the ambulances, which could result in loss of life.

In the meantime, we also teamed up with Wycombe District Council, Princes Risborough Town Council and West Wycombe Parish Council so as to present a unified argument to the Parliamentary Select Committee who hear the petitions. The roads concerned are:

  • The A4010, M40 j4 (Handycross) to Princes Risborough
  • The A4129, Thame to Princes Risborough
  • The A40, M40 j5 to West Wycombe.

Petitions to Parliament are presented by Agents – in our case we were represented by Mr Jim Stevens of Princes Risborough. Mr Stevens presented the arguments for each part of the route by calling witnesses, Ms Katrina Wood, Leader of Wycombe District Council, Mr Alan Turner, Mayor and Leader of Princes Risborough Town Council, Mrs Sharon Henson, Clerk of West Wycombe Parish Council and Mr Teif Jones, Chairman of Bradenham Parish Council.

The arguments presented can be found on the following attachments:


As a result, we succeeded in removing the use of the A40 through West Wycombe and have agreed to re-examine the routes to be used in conjunction with Bucks County Council.