Are you isolated at home? Do you need some help? 

Grocery shopping, perscription collection, dog walking or need help whilst isolated

NAWA Covid 19 Support Team are your local neighbourhood group who are nearby and will try to help you

Please call on 07857-932915


The Parish Council is still operating but for the foreseeable future we will be holding virtual meetings. 

♥ Defibillator installed in Bradenham Village ♥ (Click for details)

Bradenham Parish consists of the historic National Trust estate and village of Bradenham and part of the village of Walters Ash.  The Parish is in the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and much of the Parish enjoys Green Belt status,with large stretches of woodland and fields belonging to the National Trust, with well maintained bridleways and footpaths.

Bluebells in Bradenham Woods

Bradenham ChurchView from Bradenham village

Contact Information

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Clerk, Bradenham Parish Council,Riva, Naphill Common
Naphill, High Wycombe
HP14 4SZ

07391896076 extension: 01494562254