Bradenham Parish now has a defibrillator which has been placed in the old red Telephone Box in Bradenham village, on the pavement opposite The Red Lion pub at the bottom of  Bradenham Wood Lane.Red Phone BoxThe defibribillator is intended for victims of sudden heart failure (when a person's heart has stopped beating, i.e. when no pulse can be detected).  When confronted with such an emergency, the first priority is to shout for help from another person nearby, and ask the person to call 999, to advise the 999 call handler of the situation and of the avialability and location of the defibribillator.  The call handler will alert Emergency Services, and also provide guidance and instructions to help the victim.

If no one can be summoned to help, the first priority is still to call 999, and follow their guidance and instructions on how best to help the victim.