The Poultonian was introduced by Whittington who was head at the turn of the 20th Century and was phased out, as a name, in the early 2000s.  So we have over a hundred years of magazines, which read like journals.  Well worth a read.  They are superb for social history.  They were originally published three times a year then reduced to twice a year. 

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 Due to the lockdowns we do not have access to the archives therefoe we have problens gaining access to the early editions of the Poultonian.  However we now have every edition from 1939 to the late 1970s.  This week we start in 1939 and the early days of the war.  

In this edition: The school states that over 80 former pupils are serving in the military.  Christmas parcels and letters had been sent to them all.  The senior Scouts had volunteered as bilet officers for the evacuated school children.  The Troop were doing their bit for King and Country.  The emphasis appears to be on out and about.  There is a large section on the Old Boys.  There is a section on Old Boys' Corresponence from the forces.


Dec 1939