Buckinghamshire County Chess Association

 The county runs teams at several different levels & if you know the moves, we can probably get you a game! Matches are mostly played on Saturday afternoons in autumn & winter. Within the county, there are also championships for teams of 6 & for individuals running from late September through to April or May.


BCCA cannot run without the assistance of its members.website – see http://www.buckschess.org.uk/


The BCCA Executive is concerned at a lack of volunteers to help with work & some of us have been in post a long time! We now have a situation where a lot of jobs are concentrated in just a few hands & while we will do what we can to maintain the current level of activity within the county, any unforeseen circumstance could easily lead to a breakdown. If you are in a position to help in any way – perhaps by organising tea & biscuits one Saturday afternoon - please make yourself known to any of those named above.