Weeding in Ashbourne (updated 24/03/21)

A mailing list of people interested in volunteering for weeding and gardening and other similar activity around Ashbourne is being set up.  The first task will be a town centre weeding session in early April, before the shops reopen. 


This link takes you to the town team sign up page, with options for the weeding group and the newsletter. Signing up doesn't commit you, it just gets you on the list to be kept informed.

Badgers (updated 11/01/21)
Derbyshire Dales District Council have banned the culling of badgers on land owned by them. The Ashbourne allotments are included within this scope. The official letter can be found here.

If you see any evidence of Badger baiting or acts of poisoning etc, please let a committee members know.

Potato and Onion Sets for 2021 - delivery Feb/Mar 2021 (updated 07/10/20)

I have been informed by our wholesaler that `There is a major shortage of onions going forward`.

The last day of ordering for potatoes and onion sets is officially the 31st of November - but I intend to place our order by Friday the 30th October at the latest. 

The latest census on demand has shown a preference for the following varieties, this listing can change or be amended if further demands are received.

The prices shown below represent a 2Kg bag of Scottish Certified seed potatoes if your order is placed this year, any orders ordered in 2021 will be at a higher price. 

1st Early = Foremost  £2:30  

2nd Early = Kestrel £2:30 

2nd Early = Charlotte £2:20

Main Crop = King Edward = £2: 20

Main Crop = Cara = £2:30

Main Crop = Desiree = £2:20 

I  would recommend you consider the following statement made via  http://www.gardenfocused.co.uk - a very informative website when selecting what varieties to grow. 

Seed potatoes are widely available online, from garden centres / diy stores. They are also sold by some of the discount supermarkets at low prices - most years they appear in Lidl, Aldi, Wilkinsons and even Poundland from the middle of February.

We recommend buying your seed potatoes from certified suppliers because those sold in supermarkets for consumption can be a source of disease and pest. We would avoid buying them from online general retailers such as as Amazon or E-bay unless you know exactly who is supplying the seed potatoes.

Buying seed potatoes from the discount store can be a good deal but it can also result in a sub-standard crop. The discount stores take the second quality seed potatoes whereas the more specialist suppliers take the best quality. Unfortunately you will only find this out after you have carefully tended your crop for several months

Water Usage (updated 03/06/20)

The committee requests as follows: 

  1. As per the tenancy agreement plot holders should use the water from their own collected stores in their water butts before accessing the standpipes
  2. The large containers by the shop and community hut (currently empty) are for the general use of any plot holder, again once their own stores are depleted
  3. No more than two watering cans to be filled by any plot holder at a time. This will allow others to fill their cans and to allow the pressure to equalise where possible. THIS MEANS NO PERSONS TO BE FILLING CANS AT THE STANDPIPES WHILST SOMEONE ELSE EMPTIES THEM OR PEOPLE ACTING IN RELAYS THUS MONOPOLISING A PARTICULAR STANDPIPE 
  4. To avoid wastage of water by just throwing it around, water should only be applied via watering cans not bins or buckets, thus allowing it to be directed onto plants
  5. Standpipes are not to be used for filling up water butts under any circumstances 
  6. Going forward, and probably too late for this season, the committee will look into replacing the waterpipes that cross the site with a wider bore pipe to increase the pressure at the standpipes
Coronavirus (updated 11/04/20)
  1. The pedestrian gates will be wired open and left open for the duration of the current situation
  2. We would however please ask that the main gate is closed and padlocked by the last vehicle off site each night


  1. No more than 2 persons working per plot
  2. The 2 persons should be family related
  3. Do not approach another plot owner nearer than 2 metres or 7 feet


  1. Orders will only be accepted via ashallotmembers@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Orders will be supplied on a Saturday (if the demand is large - we will look at adding extra days)
  3. Orders unable to be delivered on the nearest Saturday - will be rolled over to the next delivery day
  4. Orders will be delivered to your plot entrance. 2 metre distance gap should be strictly adhered to
  5. Payment to be via the AAA account or by giving the exact money (no change will be given) - Order will be placed at the your gate, please take the goods and leave the payment in its place