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Ossie's Kitchen (updated 03/09/21)

Last year an arrangement was made to take surplus allotment produce to St Oswald's community kitchen. This year they would still appreciate anything we can donate. 

The kitchen now only runs every 2 weeks.

Allotment members can either drop off produce directly to St Oswald's church hall between 11.30am-1.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month or leave on the allotment produce table for Victoria Mannion (plot 8) to deliver on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month:

Mon 23rd August

Mon 13th and 27th September

Mon 11th and 25th October

Mon 15th and 29th November

Produce must be fresh - just one request - no marrows please!

Main Gate Procedure (updated 02/08/21)
In the interests of security the `Main` gate should be kept closed to all non-plot holders.

Hence from Monday the 2nd August 2021 - the new procedure will be that the main gate should be locked after entry and exit. 

Potato Blight (updated 26/07/21)
Please be on the look out for brown and black discoloration on the foliage of the plant. if you see evidence of this - then please cut the foliage out and destroy it, do not put the foliage onto a small compost heap, as these are not hot enough to kill the spores - ideally the diseased foliage should be burnt or put in the DDDC composting collection service - large compost heaps are hot enough the kill the spores.
Badgers (updated 11/01/21)
Derbyshire Dales District Council have banned the culling of badgers on land owned by them. The Ashbourne allotments are included within this scope. The official letter can be found here.

If you see any evidence of Badger baiting or acts of poisoning etc, please let a committee members know.

Water Usage (updated 03/06/20)

The committee requests as follows: 

  1. As per the tenancy agreement plot holders should use the water from their own collected stores in their water butts before accessing the standpipes
  2. The large containers by the shop and community hut (currently empty) are for the general use of any plot holder, again once their own stores are depleted
  3. No more than two watering cans to be filled by any plot holder at a time. This will allow others to fill their cans and to allow the pressure to equalise where possible. THIS MEANS NO PERSONS TO BE FILLING CANS AT THE STANDPIPES WHILST SOMEONE ELSE EMPTIES THEM OR PEOPLE ACTING IN RELAYS THUS MONOPOLISING A PARTICULAR STANDPIPE 
  4. To avoid wastage of water by just throwing it around, water should only be applied via watering cans not bins or buckets, thus allowing it to be directed onto plants
  5. Standpipes are not to be used for filling up water butts under any circumstances 
  6. Going forward, and probably too late for this season, the committee will look into replacing the waterpipes that cross the site with a wider bore pipe to increase the pressure at the standpipes
Coronavirus (updated 02/08/21)
  1. The pedestrian gates will be wired open and left open for the duration of the current situation
  2. The main gate should be locked after entry and exit


  1. No more than 2 persons working per plot
  2. The 2 persons should be family related
  3. Do not approach another plot owner nearer than 2 metres or 7 feet


  1. Orders will only be accepted via
  2. Orders will be supplied on a Saturday (if the demand is large - we will look at adding extra days)
  3. Orders unable to be delivered on the nearest Saturday - will be rolled over to the next delivery day
  4. Orders will be delivered to your plot entrance. 2 metre distance gap should be strictly adhered to
  5. Payment to be via the AAA account or by giving the exact money (no change will be given) - Order will be placed at the your gate, please take the goods and leave the payment in its place