The Abbots Langley Gardening Society have our own apiary and manage a number of colonies.


The original inspiration for this activity was for improving the pollination of crops across the allotments but it soon became apparent that the by-product of this was the natural behaviour of bees to produce of honey.


As a result the Gardening Society has honey for sale and this can be purchased from Jane Lay (our secretary) or by making contact via the contact us email:-


From 2022 we had Summer Honey - tasted absolutely wonderful but is currently sold out.


I (ChrisB - Chairman and also Apiary manager) also manage my own hives and there is honey from my hives for sale called "Abbots Honey" and is also available.

Use the Abbots Honey email: to request honey.


Remember - most honey on sale in supermarkets has been heat treated to preserve shelf life so has destroyed many of the benefits of raw honey plus it may also have been adulterated with the addition of honey from China that has been "manufactured" by feeding bees with sugar.


So it is best to always find a beekeeper in the UK that is providing natural honey from their own hives.