Primarily on country lanes and cycle paths, starting from Bath every Thursday, around 30-35 miles, with a cafe stop for a sociable lunch. Non-competitive. Lycra not required.

WHEN AND WHERE: Leave 9:30 or 9:45 from Batheaston Car park by the river, Two Tunnels portrait bench near Bloomfield Green or the start of the Bath/Bristol railway path. Back mid-afternoon. Average group speed 8-10mph. Emphasis is on social, not on speed. 
WE ARE: a bunch of friendly people from all backgrounds bound together by our love of cycling and the countryside, having a coffee and a chat, and a desire to keep active. Approximately 50/50 women and men, so don't expect much sprocket talk. 

YOU NEED: to be comfortable riding around 30 miles, so a bike in good condition, ideally with puncture resistant tyres, and gears to get you up hills, though some of us walk up the steeper ones. Some of us use ebikes.

SAFETY: We all recognise our duty of care to ourselves, each other, and other road users and act accordingly.

JOIN THE GROUP: Just turn up and try one of our rides! 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Tony on 07816 588287 or email us at 

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Tony Ambrose


Bath England
Bath and North East Somerset