West Dorking Resident's Group is a group set up to represent the residents of Dorking in recent planning applications likely to adversely affect the quality of life we all enjoy and to preserve the nature of Dorking as a market town surrounded by green belt countryside.



Due to the proposal to increase the size of The Priory School by 40%, an addition of 300 extra students, RPS Group plc have teamed up with Gleeson Strategic Land to suggest that the building of a new estate of homes on the area of green belt shown above will "provide significant benefits to the school and local residents."  We beg to differ, our aim being to highlight the speculative nature of this proposal and the detrimental effect it will have on Dorking town in general and west Dorking in particular. 

To be clear our aim is not to prevent the development of the school nor is it to prevent much needed new housing to be built, it is to try to make the planners of any new developments of this sort consider the impact of those developments on the local community and where this is found to be unacceptable look for sensible alternatives. The idea that the addition of a few extra parking restrictions will solve the addition of potentially over 300 extra vehicles in south west Dorking is an insult to the intelligence of local residents.

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