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Suggestions Heading for the Open Forum, 

A  Thermal Imaging Camera so we can all see where we are leaking heat

 Community owned EV chargers

Questions and Answers

  I already have Solar Panels, can I join the Community Solar Project?

Yes this is possible


All about the Details


The Viaduct  Climate  Community (ViaductCC ) 

Referred to henceforth  as the ‘The Viaduct’

The Viaduct’s. Objective is to promote Community Action Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Initiatives. The Viaduct aims to achieve its objective by using this website to create the Go To  rallying point to gain the maximum Community support Active Projects. It will  encourage ideas which  share our using this platform to seek Community support which could create Future Projects  

The Sharing  of practical experience through a Knowledge Base will also be supported. 

All whilst striving for inclusivity and considering the local Environmental and Biodiversity impact.


The ethos of the Viaduct 

All Community members have the opportunity to express their ideas 

These can be aired in a polite non combative atmosphere. 

Objective argument, not subjective opinion, will frame the debate. 

The viability of ideas will  ultimately be decided by whether they can generate sufficient 

Member support to put them into action.  


The Viaduct Community webpages and the Groups activities are open to anyone to view. 

The Community  is not confined to the boundary of any physical Parish.but will include Great Tey, Chappel, Wakes Colne and White Colne as these form the catchment of the Solar scheme.

For practical purposes, discretionary Active participation is open to residents of adjoining Parishes  to allow for the inevitable odd case where someone is geographically local but outside the boundaries of the four parishes.

 Community Membership is open to all local residents. Go to the Main 

In joining the Community, members undertake to support its objectives and ethos


Climate change Mitigation and Adaptation

The latest Climate Change Commission's report makes it clear that even if the Carbon Reduction target is met Global warming will continue to increase up to 2050 . Climate Change Adaptation measures will be a vital addition to those aimed at Mitigation. There is an ever increasing need  for us all to take steps NOW to counteract  increasing temperatures, and the extremes of wind and rain on our everyday lives.. Here is a link to a very good website that explains the subject in greater detail


The Community Solar Energy Scheme,

'The CSES’  ,  has been proposed by Essex County Council in Partnership with the Not for Profit Enabling company. Powercircle

The catchment areas are the Parishes of Great Tey, Chappel, Wakes Colne and White Colne.

 The mission of the Viaduct for the CSES  is to provide a Forum for Community awareness engagement and input into  the scheme. The focus will be to assist in moving the scheme forward and seeking ways to exploit its full potential for the benefit of the Community. With the widest possible Community support the scheme could potentially generate about 5 Megawatts of Solar Power across the Community.


The Opportunities

are here to create Community led initiatives through the bringing together of  like minded Community members into a Group focusing on its  specific area of interest. If you are a motivated individual wanting to make a difference in the Community and are prepared to take the lead role, here's your chance.  Float your idea on the open forum and gather support, if it flies, create your  forum and start  forming your action plan.

Your forum will be added to our Web page.when it's ready to go

the rules are simple; the initiative must be be focused on an action that will :-

Reduce Carbon emissions and or

Assist Adaptation to cope with the Impact of Climate Change on local people's lives 

As a Lead role you should be prepared to take responsibility for the online Group and its proper conduct. Keeping members focused on the objective in the spirit of mutual respect and co-operation and removing any inappropriate postings immediately.


Put your proposal forward with as much detail as you can. 

 If you want to test the water for Community support for an idea you can put a brief overview on the Open forum and invite comment

 How did the website come about

The rationale for this website stems from the EEC Community Solar Project recently presented to the  4 Parishes. This led me to consider the practicalities of forming a Group of interested Parishioners to further the plan at grass roots level.  Community active support and dialogue with the organisation charged with the Project’s  implementation would help to achieve its maximum benefit. 

The website  also recognises that there are potentially many more strands to what might be achieved in pursuit of the goals of  Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

The Viaduct as the website identity  was chosen as it is a local landmark which anyone in the local area can relate to regardless of their Parish. In any event, a particular project  is likely to involve more than one Parish. and certainly benefit everyone in the locality..

 In conclusion  the objective is to enable every individual to offer their contribution to generate local action to tackle the greatest challenge of our era. It is in no way intended to circumvent the Parish Councils or any other local organisation and I look forward to working with all who share the goals.


Geoffrey Harrison

April 2023