Progress so far:

1: We now have complete Listed Buildings Consent documents, vital in the process of renovation or alteration of a Grade 2 listed structure.

2:The internal disabled toilet off the old School Room is complete. The old 'outside' loo is still available for your personal relief- it is accessible from outside at all times.

3: The modern electric heating is up and running in the Worship Area. Vital, we can assure you- during the cold spell back in 2018, the daytime temperature in there was 7'c! However, as an economic and environmental consideration, we will meet in the Meeting Room to the rear in winter months- its smaller, more cosy and nearer to the tea making facilities!

What next? Do see the plans on display in the Meeting Room. We urgently require a fire escape stairway out of the kitchen, we'd love to offer a paved area near the quiet Garden to share with all abilities of passers-by and visitors, the Meeting Room needs decorating, repair. An efficient kitchen would go a long way to make the facilities more useful and safe. And more... 

To progress the renovation project we need to do some serious fund raising! Many people have been so generous with gifts of money and skills. A recent donor with a sense of humour donated a sum to match the number of their favorite psalm!

Further information will be given during the year, or get in touch with us for an update. Thank you.

21:55, 08 Jul 2018 by Graham White

Services are held on Sunday Afternoons from 15:00.

The first Sunday of the month is alternative! Services are usually more informal and explore various styles of worship, Bible study and discussion; these services are often in the school room.

Other services are more traditional.

All services are followed by afternoon tea in the school room at the back of the chapel.

***N.b. Our main worship area awaits an upgrading of the heating system and therefore all winter services are shared in the more cosy environment of the school room, with its open fire.

Everyone is welcome to come to the service or just drop in for tea from 16:00.


20:41, 26 Aug 2016 by Meryl White

This church has a food collection to support the Community of the Sisters of the Church in St Paul's. Tinned goods such as beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes etc are welcome. Dry goods such as tea, coffee, sugar, rice and pasta are also welcome. Please make sure they are in date! These can be left at the church whenever it is open.

20:39, 26 Aug 2016 by Meryl White


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