The Friends of Twickenham Green Executive Committee meet every month to ensure the wishes and decisions made by the Members are represented at Local Council level whenever a consultation or meeting is required.


The meeting is Chaired by Helen Williams and includes local residents and supporters. Please find below biographies of some of our Committee.



The full Committee as of September 2018

Chair Helen Williams
Vice Chair Steve Guichard
Secretary Pam McMillan
Treasurer Nicky Rayner
Environment Officer Howard Roberts
Web Editor Carmelle Jaitly
Membership Officer Carmelle Jaitly
Liaison Officer Vacant
Non-Officer Committee Member Sam Costin
Non-Officer Committee Member Sandra Roberts
Non-Officer Committee Member David Vaughan
Non-Officer Committee Member Helen Nichols
Non-Officer Committee Member Simona McKenzie
Non-Officer Committee Member Charles Owens
Non-Officer Committee Member David Trigg
Cricket Club Representative Dan Hough
Thamesians Rugby Club Representative Sam Burlinson

















The quarterly Members meeting takes place the first Tuesday each March, June, September and December. You do not have to be a member to come but you will not be eligible to vote. Become a Member




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twitter: @fotg2014