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Changing lives one Youth at the time..

The CSHEN Project is a personal development and life skills company who focuses on young people from Black and Minority young people, Offenders, Ex offenders, Under 30's, At risk youths and people with neurodiversity's from Black and Minority communities.

Our mission is to break the cycle of offending and reoffending and make young people see and reach their full potential through personal development and life skills. We offer a variety of workshops, 121 Mentoring and Support, Artistic Workshops, Trips and Days out, and Community Engagement. As our service grows we will be offering a lot more services.

Our mission with young people: To inspire and equip young people under 30 in London with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need for personal development and life skills. We are committed to nurturing their potential, fostering creativity, and providing opportunities for growth, ultimately empowering them to build brighter futures and contribute positively to their communities.

Our mission with Young offenders and Ex offenders: To provide a supportive and transformative pathway to reintegration into society. We aim to equip them with essential life skills, personal development, and mentoring, fostering a sense of responsibility and offering a second chance to lead better more fulfilling lives.

Our mission with in the community: To create a stronger and more inclusive community by providing essential support and opportunities for Black and minority young people from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds. We aim to empower these individuals to overcome challenges, develop their potential, and contribute positively to their communities, ultimately promoting equality and social cohesion.

Our future plans are to start up our youth board (CSYB) and our Young offender Criminal justice board (CSJB). This is to ensure that our community has a say in what we do and what we offer etc.



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Cephece Harriott-Richards