About The Look At Me Now Project CIC

Aims and Objectives


The Look At Me Now Project is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that focuses on raising awareness and providing support in the areas of grooming, county lines, knife crime reduction, and gang affiliation among young people. Its mission is to empower and protect vulnerable individuals while promoting positive choices and community engagement.


The primary objective of The Look At Me Now Project is to increase awareness about the dangers of grooming and county lines. The CIC organises workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns in schools, community centres, and online platforms to educate young people, parents, and educators about the tactics used by groomers and the risks associated with county lines. By providing information on recognising warning signs, reporting concerns, and seeking help, the CIC aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves and their communities.


In addition to raising awareness, The Look At Me Now Project offers support programs for young people at risk of knife crime involvement and gang affiliation. The CIC provides mentoring services, counselling, and life skills training to empower individuals and steer them away from harmful activities. Through tailored intervention strategies, the project helps young people develop alternative paths and find positive outlets for their talents and aspirations. Collaboration with local authorities, youth organisations, and community leaders enables the CIC to provide comprehensive support and facilitate access to education, employment opportunities, and rehabilitation services.


The Look At Me Now Project adopts a holistic approach that addresses the underlying factors contributing to these issues. It focuses on building resilience, promoting positive self-esteem, and fostering a sense of belonging within the community. By encouraging dialogue, facilitating peer support, and creating safe spaces, the CIC aims to break the cycle of violence, exploitation, and criminal involvement.


Through its initiatives, The Look At Me Now Project seeks to create a culture of empowerment, resilience, and accountability among young people. By combining awareness-raising efforts with targeted support programs, the CIC aims to reduce the prevalence of grooming, county lines, knife crime, and gang affiliation, ultimately creating safer and more inclusive communities.