The Pattern Under the Plough

We worship life – the life around us, the beauty of the countryside, the sun, the birds, the trees. We talk about the Goddess, but the Goddess is a symbol, and we can as easily worship the Deity in a beautiful flower or a blade of grass. Just as Roman Catholics in the Church have figures of the Virgin Mary or Christ on a crucifix; they don’t worship the plaster images, they worship the idea behind them, and in witchcraft we worship the life force, the idea behind the Goddess.

Lois Bourne


The Suffolk Wicca Study Group is a long-established training group for seekers who are interested in Initiatory Witchcraft.  The training is run on behalf of a Gardnerian Coven in Mid-Suffolk who trace their lineage through Eleanor Bone back to Gerald Gardner.

Like all genuine training in Initiatory Witchcraft it is offered free of charge.  The training is challenging and there will be some homework and home study.  The course covers topics and skill essential to being initiated into the Priesthood of the Mysteries and becoming a Witch.

We teach Wicca as part of the Western Mystery Tradition.  The training course runs over a two year period and is split into four blocks.  It is necessary to complete one block of training sessions before you can proceed to the next.  The first part of the course, entitled 'An Introduction to Wicca' is one evening a week and runs over eight weeks.  The next two blocks, 'Beginning the Great Work' and 'Craft and Coven', runs one evening every two weeks, each lasting sixteen weeks.  The final bock of the training, 'Ritual, Mysteries and Magic', runs for eight sessions over a year and gives an outer court experience.

Attending the training group is not a guarantee of being initiated into a coven.  You do not have to want to be initiated to take part in the course.  

If you are over 21, live within Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk or Cambridgeshire and are interested in joining the training, contact us via the email address on this page.  We shall then send you a questionnaire and arrange to meet in person in a public place to discuss the course.

If you would like more details please email suffolkwitchcraft@gmail.com