Who Are We?

Science for the People (SftP) is a grassroots organisation dedicated to developing a theory and practice of radical science - one which serves social needs, and not the interests of corporate and imperialist power. SftP first arose in 1969 as part of the wider anti-war movement in the US, and grew to become a community of scientists, technologists and other workers united in anti-capitalist struggles against racism, sexism, classism, militarism, imperialism and environmental exploitation in science. Since 2015, a new generation of radical scientists have revitalised SftP and are once again driving efforts to shape a science that is by, with, and for the people.

Though SftP was historically a US-based organisation, the UK also has a rich history of radical science and anti-capitalist organising within the scientific community. With this new UK chapter of SftP, formed in 2023, we hope to continue the legacy of generations of scientists in this country who have fought to advance science that supports social justice rather than oppressive power structures. There are many ways we can further this work, including political education through reading, writing and research, community organising, and protest and direct action. It doesn’t matter whether you are a scientist in an establishment institution, a technology worker, an educator, an activist, a student, or any combination of those things - we can all be a part of this movement to democratise science and put radical theory into practice.

Radical science is alive and well in the UK, but it is easy to feel isolated and disconnected from like-minded people. Our goal is to bring together the individuals and groups across the country who are committed to challenging injustice in science and technology, and build a community that can support each other’s shared struggles. SftP UK is only in its infancy, but huge opportunities lie ahead. Solidarity and unity will be crucial as we face up against rampant militarism and genocide, ecological breakdown and the climate emergency, growing automation and surveillance, and the weaponisation of science against queer, trans and neurodivergent people. Join us, and let’s learn, work and resist together!


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