Our Vision

People with any disability in Newham will be able to fulfil their potential and be equal with everyone.

Our Mission

We will take steps to achieve this change by insisting on a set of principles:

  • Disabled people are empowered and not discriminated against
  • Disabled people’s voices are heard, listened to and acted upon
  • Disabled people are able to make their own decisions, and have easy access to information and support
  • Disabled people are valued, and treated with respect and dignity

By Disabled People we include people with; physical impairments, sensory impairments, mental distress or mental health issues, people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities, people with long term health conditions and hidden impairments, people living with HIV or AIDs and people who use or have used drug or alcohol services.

We also include disabled people of all ages, including disabled children, disabled young people and disabled parents.

Our ultimate goal is to create a Centre for Independent Living for Newham, but we know this will take many years to achieve.

Our immediate short-term goal is to bring in paid professional expertise to our organisation to help us campaign for improvements in the experiences of disabled people in Newham.

Our Priorities

In no specific order, these are our priorities for our campaigning in Newham

  • Children with disability and their parents know their rights and are able to exercise them.
  • Young adults with a disability are able to lead fulfilled, independent lives.
  • Older adults are not excluded or isolated – both in-person and digitally
  • Social care is commissioned in a way that reflects the quality ratings that are given by service users, and provides adequate support both in the immediate crisis and interim.
  • Advice and Advocacy support is designed for and by disabled people
  • There is appropriate and adequate support to meet the needs of disabled people and their Carers.
  • There are reasonable adjustments to all public buildings, highways and environments in London Borough of Newham to meet the needs of all disabled people.
  • There is a culture change that puts disabled people at the centre of Newham statutory services which are designed for them, by them.
  • To ensure that there is disability awareness to all local communities by educating and training led by disabled people and Carers from Residents United Forum (RUF)

We are going to rank our priorities in order by

  • Consulting our members groups
  • Identifying which of these improvements will have the biggest impact/create the biggest domino effect
  • Taking professional advice on which of the priorities will be most quickly achieved

Our Plan

7 year action plan graphically represented as a ladder

Download our current action plan in PDF format


  1. We are Experts by experience and have been meeting with other disabled organisations who have shared their knowledge and expertise of their organisation and in return they have learnt from us.
  2. We are currently awaiting our CIO status (Charitable Incorporated Organisation)
  3. We acknowledge the various skills from our group and the need to bring in others on ad hoc basis.
  4. We will collect evidence to demonstrate what needs improvement and address inequalities.
  5. We will continue to seek further funding to ensure that the voices of our members and community are heard and valued.
  6. Our success will be measured by the difference in the quality of life of our members and community.