We are a group of residents in East Twickenham* who think local people should be able to go about their business without feeling harassed by the daily protest outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service clinic in Rosslyn Road, next door to the doctors’ surgery. We are not taking sides on the “abortion debate” or trying to curtail freedom of speech.

The protest is obtrusive, disrespectful and unremitting. The protesters harass women entering the clinic, hold noisy prayer vigils and make unauthorised use of the facilities at the doctors' surgery. Local people who have nothing to do with BPAS are being affected, in one case a protester followed a resident home after an altercation. Mothers taking their children to the nursery at ETNA are finding alternative routes to avoid the protesters. Receptionists at the doctors' surgery were in one case so incensed by the upset caused to a patient with a history of pregnancy problems that they were involved in a full-blown row with the protesters and the police were called. 

In response to a petition we presented in November 2014, Richmond Council committed to "do whatever is lawful to stop these protesters". But the protest goes on month after month.

This has to stop!

We want to Reclaim Rosslyn Road, while respecting the protesters' right to express their views. If you support us, please let us know your email address here so we can keep you up to date. 


October 2017 update: this new development in Ealing may offer a route for Council action.


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BPAS Clinic, 15 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham

BPAS Clinic, 15 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham


If you would like to contact us, email reclaimrosslyn@gmail.com


*London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, UK