This is the Reclaim Rosslyn Road webpage - we are a group of local residents concerned about the harrassment and intimidation of clients and staff at the BPAS Clinic that we see on our doorstep every day.


The council are aware of the 2014 petition that received 390 signatures but now insist that petitions are hosted on their website. A second petition ran in 2018 and recieved 333 signatures which can been seen here.

The Home Office consultation has now closed. BPAS report over 1,500 submissions via their website alone, so thank you to everyone who contributed. The Home Office issued a statement in Sept 2018 with the very disappointing news that national legistlation for buffer zones will not be introduced which leaves us the only option to pursue a Public Space Protection Order through Richmond Council.


*** 16 Oct '18 UPDATE *** 

We are delighted to announce that the we will be proceeding with a consultation for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for the area surrounding the BPAS clinic.  The Council's Regulatory Committee voted unanimously in favour of the consultation.

We don't have the details yet, but we are expecting it to launch before Christmas and we will update here and via our mailing list as soon as we know.


*** 15 Mar '18 UPDATE *** 

We have had a follow up meeting with Cabinet Member Mark Boyle and the three Twickenham Riverside Ward Councillors.  They have been working with solicitors and other members of staff to gather all required information with a view to proposing a consultation for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).  We were impressed with the progress they have managed to make since the Jan council meeting and we left with the feeling they are all genuinely working towards a legal solution.

Unfortunately, we have been put on hold now pending the local council elections in May. The next Regulatory Committee meeting is scheduled for July, where the proposal for a consultation will need to be presented and agreed on.

The good news is that we have secured cross-party support for the proposal so we should be able to pick up again after the elections regardless of which party is leading the Council.


*** 23 Jan '18 UPDATE ***

Following a campaign in Ealing, the group SisterSupporter successfully secured the first Council Motion to investigate the use of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) as a legislative tool to create a "buffer zone" around the Marie Stopes Clinic on Mattock Lane.

Several Councils around the country have now voted to explore all legal options, including PSPOs, to prevent protestors from harrassing women at clinic gates.

At the January 23rd 2018 LBRuT* Council Meeting, Cllr Mark Boyles gave his "absolute commitment" to doing everything possible to create a Buffer Zone for the Rosslyn Road Clinic.

We want to Reclaim Rosslyn Road, while respecting the protesters' right to express their views. If you support us, please let us know your email address here so we can keep you up to date. 


BPAS Clinic, 15 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham

BPAS Clinic, 15 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham


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*London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, UK