Who we are:
We are community action group of local people whom volunteer to highlight and seek a solution to the problem of non-organic litter/non-biodegradeable items on the Putney Embankment towpath and foreshore before the items are washed out to sea by the next high tide, affecting marine life in our Seas and Oceans.
What we do:
We endeavour to organise bi-monthly litter picking sessions (weekday & weekend) - tides allowing - covering the stretch from Putney Bridge to Queen Elizabeths Walk-the path leading to the Barnes Wetland Centre.
Why we feel this issue needs focus:
David Attenborough's Blue Planet  awoke a public consciousness in regards to addressing the issue of non-organic litter pollution and how it affects marine life thousands of miles away from the source of the pollution. We seek to capitalise on that concern and do some good even if its on a small scale. However, we are joined by many such organisations making a difference the length of the Thames as it flows through London and together we aim to make a significant difference to the amount of non organic litter/non-biodegradeable that flows out of the Thames Estuary.
How we hope to achieve this:
Ensuring that the towpath and foreshore are clean of non-organic litter/non-biodegradeable items, we do this by litter picking. 
Highlighting the problem by engaging with locals whom use the towpath, to encourage responsible behaviour and to discuss issues that impact the health of the river.
Selective targeting of key river events such as the Boat Race and charity events to maximise enjoyment whilst minimising the environmental impact.
Establishing and working with similar groups along the Thames.
What we have achieved:
Significant reduction of litter on the towpath.
From April 2019 we have been leading groups to litter pick on the Thames Foreshore
Data gathering and assistance with other key Thames 21 environmental objectives.
Working rapport and support from Wandsworth Council, Wandsworth Councillors and MP Fleur Anderson.
Partnership with South West London Environmental Network whom offer valuable assistance, including setting up this website.
Active dialogue with PLA.
Training provided by Thames21 and financial assistance for that training was provided by Tideway.
We need your help!
The PTTG is a voluntary organisation that requires volunteers to assist in its objectives.
We provide litter pickers, gloves, and bin liners and we need you to provide your time at one of our bi-monthly litter picking events.
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