Pleshey Parish Council

Grant Scheme





Each year Pleshey Parish Council sets out a budget for the year ahead that includes a sum of money to be used to provide grants for the local community. The sum of money can vary from year to year . From 2013/14, it has been decided that a formal application process will be introduced.



Timetable for applications:


The budget is set for the forthcoming financial year in January. Applications for grants will be invited from 31st January to 1st April.


Guidelines for applications:

1)         The grants are available to groups and can only be used for equipment, projects or events that will benefit Pleshey residents.

2)         Grants can be used to either pay for a project or event in total or as part contribution to the cost. The application should make clear what other sources of funding are available and what other grant applications (if any) have been made. The application should also make clear what would happen if not all the monies applied for were made available.

3)         Grants will only be available for “not for profit” projects or events.

4)            The provision of a Grant by the Parish Council does not mean that the Parish Council is responsible for the equipment, project or event or will underwrite any loses made be the organiser. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they have appropriate and adequate insurance.

5)         The method by which any Grant is paid will be decided in discussion with the applicant. The Council may choose to pay suppliers directly on behalf of the applicant or may pay the Grant on the submission of receipted invoices.

6)         The decision on applications will be made by the Council and will be publicised in the Council Minutes. This decision is final and there is no mechanism for appeal.


Applications should be made to the Clerk, in writing or via e.mail. The application should state the names(s) of the applicant, their full contact details, a description of the equipment required, the project or event, relevant timescales and deadline and a breakdown of total costings.


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