As a matter of course, Local Authorities are expected to review Local Plans every 5 years and also if legislation changes.  High Peak Borough Council (HPBC) conducted the review and declared the adopted Local Plan 2016 partially out of date when considered against national policies.  They then started a review to update the three policies they had deemed to be out of date, and to consider the scope for wider amendments. 


The 3 policies are:


S3 Strategic Housing Development

S4 Maintaining and Enhancing an Economic Base

H4 Affordable Housing

The Development Control Committee, and Planning Officers, will place less weight on policies considered out of date during planning issue considerations. 

There is a timetable for the preparation of the new Local Plan and other planning policy documents. 


Early engagement

Q1 2023

Options consultation

Q3 2023

Preferred options consultation

Q2 2024

Publication of Local Plan for formal representatives

Q1 2025

Submission of Local Plan

Q2 2025


Q3 2025-2026


Q2 2026


Contributing factors

HPBC state that since 2016 the changes relate to: climate change, the impact of COVID on home working, new and emerging legislation from the government and the 2021 census.  These factors fed in to their key findings.

It is clearly stated that if government legislation changes further then it would be necessary to look at other areas that might become outdated too.  Also that sites previously identified for development might be able to be changed going forward.


The feedback given by any interested parties will feed into the issues and options HPBC will consider before the next stage of consultation later in 2023.

This plan will shape the future for 15 years after adoption, so up to 2041. 

This is our chance, both as a community and, of course, individually, to comment on the particular key issues currently identified and to put forward any other key issues we consider the Local Plan should address and any suggestions for future sites for development or protection.


The full document can be read here: High Peak Local Plan - Early Engagement

OGRA response can be read here: OGRA Response