The national RAYNET organisation was formed in 1953 after the East Coast floods. Volunteers provided vital radio links to shipping and flooded areas.The actions of radio enthusiasts in the Humber area led to its formation and took a key role in its early development. 

Therehas been a long tradition of involvement in emergency communications with many local groups being formed and unified in the early 'eighties with the Humber County Raynet Association(HCRA).The HCRA had a county wide system of communications centres. Later, groups were formed such as East Yorkshire Raynet and the East Yorkshire Emergency Communications Group (EYECG).

North Humber Raynet was formed in 2012 and has good links with other voluntary emergency groups and has taken an active role in response to floods and other emergencies.We live in very connected times with good communications links, but these are easily overloaded and fragile. Our role has changed over the years, but our trained radio communications specialists can still provide a resilient link in emergency situations.